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Congratulations for choosing St. Joseph Dental College, Eluru, as your college for pursuing a course in Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) or Master in Dental Surgery (MDS). This site comprises information, which you will find useful as you become familiar with this college, its aims and objectives, facilities, curriculum guidelines, and instructions.

St. Joseph Dental College: An exciting place to learn

St. Joseph Dental College is situated in Eluru, a city situated in the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India. St. Joseph Dental College offers opportunities you would not find anywhere else. This is an institution involved in a rich amalgamation of scientific enquiry and comprehensive dental care service. At this institution, we believe in educating the students to develop a good patient relationship, ,efficiently manage a dental office, design a good treatment plan and utilize the state-of-the-art materials and techniques. Our goal is to supplement the existing pool of dental and medical knowledge with an intention to promote public health. We strive to educate dentists with a broader vision who will play a leading role in oral health care. The college has a faculty with expertise, many of whom are recognized authorities in their respective fields. The staff is especially committed to clinical training, ,working extensively and intensively with students on on-to-one basis for total patient care.

We invite you to explore a career in dentistry, a challenging profession with much to offer. You will discover a field rich in rewards, and personal fulfillment – a profession which is one of the most respected in India and abroad. Discover why dentistry, the art and science behind every beautiful smile, has become a vital reinforcement towards excellence in general health care for years to come. We foster an environment and attitude conducive to the progress of students to achieve excellence as an individual and in dentistry.

Main Building

Main Building